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  • Explore Lübeck's landmark
    The Hanseatic city's exciting history
  • The gate of the century
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World Famous Landmark

Lübeck’s Holstentor gate is one of the best known German buildings worldwide.

Inside this historic monument the Holstentor Museum puts the history of Lübeck’s hanseatic trade links, its power and its wealth on display. Exhibits such as historical ship models, suits of armor, weapons, legal instruments, and articles of merchandise offer many exciting discoveries to the visitors. The exhibition »The Power of Trade« – Die Macht des Handels – thus illustrates the success story with which the merchants of medieval Lübeck put their city firmly on the international map.

Built in 1464, from its beginnings the Holstentor served both Lübeck’s defence and its prestige – a massive double-towered city gate. Above the round arched gateway entrance is the Latin inscription in golden letters: CONCORDIA DOMI FORIS PAX (unity at home and peace abroad). The monument as we see it today is the result of considerable restoration work: in the mid 19th century it was more or less a ruin.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday
1st of January - 31st of March
11am - 5pm

Monday - Sunday
1st of April - 31st of December
10am - 6pm




Museum Holstentor
23552 Lübeck

Phone +49 451 1224129


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